Loud & Proud, Spring 2011


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While at Kmart, I was offered the chance to design infant and toddler boy's fashion. I have to admit I was a little nervous at first, being such a girly-girl myself and all. I had never even thought about designing boy's wear and had been pretty content with all the pink, flowers, and ruffles over in girl world. But I decided this opportunity could be a fun challenge and way to expand my portfolio as a designer, and so eagerly I accepted! And you know what, I really loved it! It was nice change of mindset and I found I got really into it. Here is a snippet of my first ever boys collection, Loud & Proud, for the Wonderkids brand. Thanks again to my wonder little nephews for allowing me to play dress-up with them and shoot them. They really allowed me to capture the Loud & Proud vibe that the collection was all about! Bold colors and loud graphics, a little boy's heaven.


Heart Milk Cubes


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I came across this post on A Subtle Revelry and just had to share! The perfect way to inject some Valentine's Day spirit in your child's morning or late night snack. I'm sure friends or a loved one would enjoy it as well. The best part, your milk turns pink as the hearts melt! Happy Valentine's everyone!!!


Now On Bloglovin


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Just wanted to let you guys know that chi.qui.ti.tos is now available on Bloglovin for easy following =)


Pinterest Treasures 2.11.12


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Have you heard of Pinterest yet? It is basically this amazing online pin broad where you can "pin" images you find from around the web and organize them into categories in a very visual way. It reminds me of a modern day way of bookmarking sites, only so much better! Like all the new social media sites that are popping up, this one allows you to follow other people's boards or search by key words, bringing you an endless amount of inspiration right to your fingertips. Try it out and you might find it as addicting as I do! Above are some examples of kids photography that I look to for inspiration when designing new collections and I thought I'd share.


Little Petals, Spring 2011


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Designing at Kmart (even though sadly it was for a short while) was such an amazing opportunity! I feel that I grew stronger as a designer, pushed myself to explore children's fashion further, and gained an enormous amount of self confidence. Thank you Kmart (and the best team) for taking a chance on a girl that just wanted (and still wants) to draw pretty things for little girls and boys to wear. Below I want to share with you all my favorite mini girls collection of the many we did that spring, Little Petals. It's the collection I chose to photograph in my shoot if that indicates how pleased I was with it. Little Petals is for the sweet, feminine girly-girl. The collection embodies a romantic feel that often comes in the Spring time, complete with all the ruffles and gathers you could want.


Wonderkids Photoshoot


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On one of my many getaways back to the States, I managed to organize this little photo shoot with some of my nieces and nephews. They were proudly wearing some of the designs I worked on while at Kmart. The outfits shown here are from the Wonderkids Spring 2011 collection (no longer in stores but maybe try ebay?) and all designed by little old me. All in all it was a day filled with laughter, running around after little ones, and trying to capture the perfect shot. The reality is that kids are especially tricky to shoot, and so I ended up with over 800 pictures! You can only imagine how excruciating and time consuming the editing process was. Here is the final cut and I'm pretty happy about how this all turned out.


Anything Can Happen



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