Sweet Treats, Summer 2011


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Nothings quite screams summer like juicy fruits and extra sweet goodies, and that was my exact source of inspiration for last summer's Wonderkids 2011 collection at Kmart. Combining all the elements that children naturally love like ice cream, gum drops, strawberries, and watermelons was the perfect way to achieve such a fun and saturated color palette. Although the graphics did play a key role in the overall mood of the collection, I opted for a simpler, bolder style and incorporated various kinds of typography in cute wordplay form. For my prints, I decided to keep them simple as well which allowed me to really play up their colors. Sweet Treats is for the care free and active girl, ready for any adventures that may come her way out in the sunshine!


Pinterest Treasures 3.10.12


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A little eye candy and loads of inspiration to start the weekend off right. Happy Weekend!


Imagined Stuffed Animals


Do you remember when you were a little kid and could spend hours scribbling and doodling imaginary creatures (or your version of actual creatures) and would then spend countless more hours bringing them to life via your imagination? Wouldn't it have been fantastic to actually touch and feel your creations? Thanks to Child's Own Studio, now children can! The goal is to recreate a child's drawing as accurately as possible, down to every last color and the details. This simple and genius idea started when Wendy, the founder, decided she wanted to make a comfort toy for her own son based on one of his drawings. The rest is history and many a child are very pleased indeed!


Lanvin Petite Hiver, Winter 2012


I love how they captured the playfulness in both this seasons fashions and the girls. It's really refreshing to see little girls portrayed as, well just that, little girls. No excessive makeup and hair, just girls having fun. Especially with all the recent media attention with shows like Toddler and Tiaras, great job Lanvin!


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