Beatnik Boys, A/W 2012


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Autumn, oh Autumn! As someone who was born and raised in sunny Florida, the words Autumn or Fall never had much meaning to me. And Winter?!? I mean I was usually found in flip-flops and shorts come Winter! But since living in New York City and now in London, the colder seasons, especially Autumn, have won a place in my heart! The concept of layering is one that I particularly love and am working on mastering. Is it any wonder then that Beatnik Boys is all about layering! I encourage layering of pieces, different fabrics, and patterns through this collections. Kids after all are known for piling on the garments that don't always perfectly match, but hey, that's what I'm all about! Quirky details like elbow patches, shoulder details, and decorative stitching add a little extra fun to the ordinary. Combining various fabrics and textures also adds to that cozy, layered feel. Inspiration for the mood and overall tone was sparked the moment I spotted these prints. I wanted the Beatnik collection to be darker than usual, with rich saturated colors for Autumn while still having bright pops of color to keep it young. The Beatnik Boys know the importance of looking cool and being uniquely individual. Wear what what you want, how you want it our motto!


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