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Where to start, where to start! Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Bubble London for the first time and I am at a loss of words! It was like a never ending eye candy extravaganza for the designer in me, what a treat indeed. I met some very lovely and inspiring designers, caught a sneak preview into Spring/Summer 2013 collections, and walked away with new brands to follow closely. With over 200 stalls of wonder and amazement, I'll have to break this up into two posts. Here is part one (the lower level), with the collections that truly spoke to me. An eclectic mixture of fun, quirky, trendy, vintage, and edgy brands. Some just staring out, some linked to a cause, and some really innovative. I hope you find as much pleasure in them as I did.  Enjoy!

Firstly, a close up view into some brands that are doing revolutionary things and thinking outside the box. Whether they are raising awareness to a cause, rethinking the way children's garments should be constructed or breaking the fashion "rules", these guys are definitely marching their own drum so watch out!

 Magnificent Baby showcased their magnetic onesies and tops in an array of fun prints, stripes, and solids. The days of dealing with snaps, buttons, and zips are officially over!

Mini Moroc had an assortment of dresses and tops with great Moroccan inspired detailing at the necklines, sleeve openings, and hems. Pure beauties!

Fabric Flavours had an exciting range of comic book and story character inspired graphic tees and onesies. Who doesn't love wearing their favorite superhero right?!

 Baberoo made their appearance in every style imaginable! I especially loved the London inspired ones! These are a cute alternative to shoes for babies, especially when they don't really need them.

 Pili Pala's collection for Spring/Summer included baby corduroy dresses and velour track suits, not common fabrics for the season but somehow, they still worked! Cute elbow and knee patches also made their debut alongside stripes.

Teddy & Me had by far the smallest, softest, and sweetest collection of all. This special range for preemies had me saying "awe..." the whole time.

Moccis moccasin slippers are a great example of fashion and functionality combined. These are truly the perfect indoor shoe to keep your tootsies nice and snug.

 Tito & Teo was full of slouchy knits, raw edges, dropped crotches, and off center seams. A really refreshing and unique boys line indeed!

Loud Apparel definitely stood out among the booths. Keeping it very rock and roll, this collection is entirely made up of blacks, greys, and whites! But don't worry, excitement is something they are far from lacking.

Red Urchin was non stop geometric filled graphic tees! Each containing a little extra something, be it some bling or some buttons like this skull tee.

The following collections as a whole just swept me off my feet! All very different from each other, they hold one thing in common, my heart! They are each cohesive within their collections, have strong color stories, and have that unique feature (fabric, technique print, graphic or trim) that is carried effortlessly through each piece. 

Aravore kept their summer collection very fresh feeling and light with a color story of greys, whites, and khakis with pops of yellow and navy. Crochet played a key role, making its appearance throughout the collection in everything from cardigans to tops and trims.

Little Green Radicals had an adorable "up, up and away" theme. Icons such as hot air balloons, kites, and birds dominated their prints and graphics. Bright coral, turquoise, and green made this collection an extremely cheery one! And let's not forget the stripes paired with white.

P'tit Chic... de Paris featured whimsical drawings from a an artist collaboration on their tops and dresses. These complemented quite nicely with the liberty prints, plaids, and ginghams also found in the assortment. Attention to extra details like that cute kitty on the denim have left me swooning!

Bob & Blossom have mastered the art of simplicity... then just add on a tutu for some extra pizazz! They kept it clean with two color stripes, prints, and large numerical graphics. The matching caps are just a bonus in my opinion...

Marmalade & Mash really caught my heart! The collection is made up of simple silhouettes, basic key pieces, and bold colors contrasting neutrals. With a slight hint of vintage, any of the pieces are sure to become staples!

And so that is part one folks! Stick around for the second half as I explore the ground and gallery levels. I'll also be sharing with you guys a brief summary on the Spring/Summer 2013 trends that I picked up on and my overall thoughts on the exhibit.


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