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Picking up right where I left off yesterday (you can have a read here), it's time to dive straight into the second round of inspiration. At the ground and gallery levels, I was once again greeted by what seemed like endless rows of booths, now slightly bigger and grander! I tried to stay as focused as possible but the following collections drew me in with a combination of awe and surprisingly friendly faces. I even got to meet some of the designers themselves, which for a fashion geek like me, it was pretty darn exciting! So here are my top picks... brands that I am crushing on... and will follow closely in the upcoming seasons.

 Jessie and James had a very nostalgic circus theme that I loved! Structure in their silhouettes was key and origami like folds, pleats, and tucks were a plenty. They used a darker color story than is commonly used for Spring/Summer, with navy grounding the collection. Stripes, plaids, and geometric prints dominated and were often mixed within a single garment. With so many original pieces, it was hard to choose a favorite but it's safe to assume it's probably that great butterfly jacket! Speaking with Jessie and James themselves was such a treat and they even shared with me the origin of inspiration behind the collection and the how everything evolved from there.

Kids Case was bright, bold, and colorful! Neon green was seen paired with greys while red popped against an array of blues. Stripes were heavily used in both parallel and perpendicular forms, thick with two colors and thin multicolor ones too. A key detail of theirs this season was adding contrasting color to the neck and sleeve openings, adding a slight collegiate feel to the pieces. Tiny check and abstract geometric prints also sat nicely with all of the stripes. One of my favorite pieces was that bold white and neon green snap down collared top for boys, complete with a little pocket and all! I really couldn't get enough of this collection!

 No Added Sugar was full of details, big and small. Plenty of gathers, ruffles, contrasting cuffs, decorative stitching, and pleats were seen. They kept the collection bright and cheerful as was expected, but also introduced brocades, corduroy, and metallics which are more often seen in winter. Stripes and abstract prints were seen here alongside ditsy liberty prints. A standout to me was the teal and white striped dress cinched at the waist with gathered pieces strategically placed on the skirt. I especially loved the buttons at the shoulder! And to add to the excitement, I got see their first range of sunglasses that will be launching Spring/Summer 2013, aren't they the coolest?

Indikidual was named the winner of the Stand Out competition for 2012 that Bubble London host each season. Congrats again on such a lovely and very well branded stall. Everything down to the littlest detail stayed true to the brand's identity! Yellow, green, and blue popped against greys and denims. Color blocking was seen throughout and their signature banana print made an appearance again! My piece of choice is the harem yellow banana print pants that look like so much fun! Another fun fact about the brand, they pride themselves on being mainly unisex so they pay extra attention to silhouettes, graphics, and color to make sure everyone is a happy camper in their clothes. 
(6th picture via Little Scandinavian)

Corby Tindersticks were by far one of my favorite new comers this season! Their range of garments, artwork, and toys all capture the same whimsical feel. Playful characters play a main role in their graphics. Their attention to detail and embellishments help bring the cute little creatures to life. My pick of character would have to be the cute little robot on the yellow tee with button appliques. He just looks so friendly! Bright yellow, neon green, and bold red are seen with greys, light pinks, and pale blues to really pop. I especially loved getting to know the designers behind the collection and look forward to seeing what they come up with next season!

Here is a closer view at a few brands that stood out and are well worth checking out!

Little Duckling made an impression with their quirky fish prints and graphics.
(Picture via Smudgetikka

Hucklebones stayed true to their classic vintage style with fresh new prints and colors

Tootsa MacGinty lured me over with this amazing geometrically pieced sweater!
((Picture via Smudgetikka)

Dandy Star had everything imaginable for the graphics lover!

Elfie had a soft, romantic side to it's collection this year.
(Picture via Smudgetikka)

Native Belle Boutique was filled with brightly colored African prints and matching teddys!

Beau Loves had bold and bright covered! Black graphics popped against stripes like this lovely whale.
 (Picture via Hopper Tots)

I Love Gorgeous had a lot of neon and bright colors paired with grey like this little number.
(Picture via MMM...)

Grubbies had some great denim pieces with decorative stitching and contrasting exposed zippers.

Boys & Girls made me wish I was small again with this gorgeous sweater-poncho!
(Picture via The Small Folk

Phew... And that's a wrap guys! Over all I found my first experience at Bubble London to be a very exciting, stimulating, and friendly one. I wasn't sure what to expect but loved every minute of it. I am looking forward to going back for future trade shows, visit some now familiar brands and discover new ones too. So before I wrap up, I wanted to share with you all some key trends that I spotted on my visit.

Key Trends
-Color: Yellows, oranges, and greens were the most seen in a variety of shades. Grey is the unofficial neutral and was paired with a lot of bright colors. Sorbets were very popular, from really rich to pastel tones. Neon pops were everywhere. And the red, white, and blue color story is holding on strong!

-Prints: The florals ranged from ditsy, abstract, liberty inspired to big, bold, and retro. Stripes, plaids, and ginghams were in pretty much every collection. And over all prints were on the bold and geometric side.

-Fabrics: Some unusual fabrics for the season made an appearance, including brocade, velour, and corduroy. Light cotton linens, lace, and jersey were also spotted.

 -Silhouettes: Some very structured and tailored pieces were commonly seen. Unusual shapes and origami inspired folds were popular. The harem pant was probably the mostly iconic of the bunch.

Details & Accents: A lot of attention focused around the neckline either by shape, collar, or embellishment. Sleeves and hems also had their fair share of attention with decorative stitching, crotchet trims, and colorful tapes. Neon and metallic accents were everywhere! 

-Homegrown & Organic: Now this is something that definitely caught my eye! As a way of encouraging both, Bubble London clearly labeled the brands that were doing either or both. Homegrown meaning labels that are designed and manufactured in the UK. And Organic meaning that there was use of organic material in their range. Well done guys! 

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