Jubilee Style


It's red, white, and blue time over here... and no I don't mean in the stars and spangled kind of way. Think instead crowns, royal guards, and corgis! I have to admit it's been a little weird but also comforting to see so much British pride lately. Coming from the states, where pride is something we far from short of, I never really understood this lack of flags and patriotism. But thanks in part to the Royal Wedding, The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and The Olympics, I'm happy to announce that Union Jacks are a plenty! Now while I am all for showing your pride, I'm even more for doing it in a tasteful and fashionable way. No cheesy seasonal things for me thanks! An easy way to show your pride without investing in theme specific clothing is by simply buying in the appropriate color scheme. This way garments can be used again. For those iconic lovers, here are a few pieces that have the very Britishisms we all have come to love, but again, done in a cool way. Let's give it up the brands above, all British... all prideful... and above everything else, all stylish!


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