Olympic Style


Olympic fever is here in London... in full affect now... and with only hours until the opening ceremony, I thought a little round up of Olympic inspired goodies would be appropriate! Now let me first start off by saying that this was by far the hardest round up ever! To start with, there are surprisingly not that many designers that jumped on board with this theme. And from those that did, it was slim pickings when it came to finding those that did it well and tastefully. If you remember from my Jubilee and Americana posts, I am very picky when it comes to holiday themed clothing and refuse to let my future little ones fall victim to the horribleness that generally comes with such occasions. Having said that, I am ridiculously spirited (highschool cheerleader over here!) and so I will never give up on seasonal fashion because I believe it can be done... you may just have to hunt a little. So here you have some designers that did it right! The clothing, footwear, and accessories reflect the overall feel of the Olympics without turning a little one into a walking advert. You are welcome... and bravo designers, bravo!


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