Halloween Trail Mix


Halloween has come and gone... but the evidence (hopefully a ton of candy and snacks!) is here to linger for a while. Want to know my trick for getting the most out of your treats without over doing it? Make your very own customized trail mix! Have your little one chose their absolute favorite candies... small hard ones work best. This helps them be involved while also making them focus on just a few treats as apposed to the whole bunch. Choosing a good size container (a glass one helps them see how much they have left) also limits the amount of candy intake. Agree to stash away the rest of the candy for birthday parties and/or special occasions. Not only is this a fun activity for them to help out in, it also makes sure they enjoy their favorite treats without eating the entire loot!

  • a glass container that seals well
  • a handful of candy-corn assorted candies
  • a handful of pretzel m&ms
  • a handful of goldfish crackers
  • Chose a random assortment of your favorite candies (mine happen to be American treats sent over in a care package by S!)
  • Start adding your sweets into the jar, mixing it up as you go along to create a layered effect.
  • Once the jar is nearly full (leave some breathing room), close the lid, and shake lightly to mix all the candies around even more.
  • It's that easy... Enjoy!


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