DIY: Painted Pumpkins


As some of you may know, living in London for the past two years had it's fair share of hurdles when it came time to celebrate traditional American holidays. Among such was finding pumpkins (in the city) large enough to carve... another something that I don't think I cared too much about previously, but then living across the pond had me so homesick I was in desperate need to carve a few. It turned out to be more hassle than it was worth and I admit, I had some pieces of my pumpkin held together with pins from cutting slightly too deep... oops! So here is my alternative that I am sharing over on the Bubble and Speak blog, DIY: Painted Pumpkins. Go on over and have a peak. Don't matter if you are State side or not as this is certainly a fun Halloween project your littles will enjoy. It's probably a safer option for wee little ones too!


Modern Day Dressup


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If I'm being honest, Halloween has been one of the main motivators behind me wanting to start back up on here. Searching online for costume ideas, I came across these fantastic images by Kelly Lewis from Kelly Is Nice Photography and man was I jolted with a much need serge of inspiration! How captivating is this little miss in each of her roles?! I also love the idea of modernizing costumes by styling them out of every day wear, that way everything can be used again. I think it also gives these iconic looks a fresh new makeover, don't you? Be sure to check out the rest of Kelly's work as I'm sure it will leave you as breathless as it did me and hopefully inspire a thing or two in you.


Greetings From LA!


Hi everyone! Sorry it's been a good old while since I've last posted... life and changes have happened and settling into L.A. has taken a lot longer than I had anticipated. But I have missed this space dearly... and I've been missing the kid's world like you wouldn't believe. And so I'm back (hopefully more regularly) and excited to once again dive head first into the world that so unexpectedly caught my heart. If you're curious as to what I've been up to in general, you can read about it on my personal blog, Made With Love... feel free to be nosey and have a snoop. Life has been hectic, unpredictable, and surprisingly challenging... but overall life has been good.


Hello Again & Farewell Google Reader!


Hi everyone! I know it's been a while (a long unexpected while to be exact) but I'm back and hopefully more regularly for your reading pleasures. The last few months have been spent relocating across the pond and just dealing with everything that comes with a move... only more so since ours was transatlantic! I managed (just about) to keep updating my personal blog so you can read all about it here if you like. I now write to you from the sunny west coast that is California and the palm trees say hi.

On another note, if you haven't already heard, today is the last day EVER of Google Reader... sad times, I know. But if there is one consolation, it's that you can now follow chi.qui.ti.tos (and your other favorite blogs) via Bloglovin'. All you have to do is create a profile with them and then thanks to their genuineness (and with this import link) you can import ALL of your Google Reader feeds. Yep, it's that easy guys! I've been using them for a while and they are a great way to get all of your must reads in one place. But hurry because today is the last day and you don't want to loose some of your favorite reads now do ya?


Life Lately


Life lately has composed of... making colorful confetti filled eggs... taking a second look at some projects and freshening them up just a bit... designing an exciting new collection (soon to be revealed!)... and dressing up the nieces in some beautiful mini moroc tops! What have you bee up to?

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Poco Nido, 2013 Collection


Poco Nido have some bright and colorful things in store for this Spring (is it here yet?) and not just the comfy shoes we have all come to know and love. The range is expanding... with wellies and clothing featuring more of their cute characters and patterns. I love how they have brought their little owl icon to life and with a slew of cute new friends. These are just a few of my favorite shots from their latest campaign but be sure to check out their site for the full range and see if you can decide on your favorites for your little ones.

You can see my previous post about their special edition Olympic Tees here!

all images provided by Poco Nido


Party Time: April Showers


A few weeks ago, a very good friend of mine approached me about coming up with a theme and designing invites for her upcoming baby shower. After having a chat about what ideas she had in mind, I did a little digging around the web for inspiration and we decided on an April Showers theme. The ever popular cloud and raindrops icon perfectly sit within this theme, bringing an element of sophistication and freshness to a baby shower. Because she was flying back to the States for the shower, I sadly wouldn't be able to make it. So to further help in the only way I could from so far away, I decided to take it to the next step and create a mood board based around the invites... inspiration and some easy DIYs that she could recreate! To keep things gender neutral, I paired various shades of yellow and gray against soft whites, trying to incorporate it throughout all of the party elements. One of my favorite treats are the cotton candy lollipops... fluffy, sweet, and they just look pretty too! I had a lot of fun with this so I might be creating a few more party themed mood boards in the future just for fun. If you have any upcoming festivities and are stuck for inspiration, shoot me an email :)


Easter Fun!


on L ---> bunny ears: tesco / top: c/o mini moroc / jeans: h&m / wellies: joules
on R ---> top: c/o mini moroc / jeans: next / wellies: clarks

Easter was so much more fun this year with two little ones to help celebrate with! Luckily the sun decided to grace us with it's presence and we were able to do our scheduled Easter egg hunt in the back garden... because egg hunting (and smashing) just isn't as fun indoors. We tested out the confetti eggs and they were a huge success! The girls (and adults) loved it and it added a colorful element to the garden. The girls enjoyed the rare sunshine running around and finding as many chocolate eggs as they could carry! Later they (and I really mean we) stuffed our faces with as much chocolate as we could manage... because hey, that's just the sort of appetite you work up after so much fun! Oh and in case you were unsure and wondering, L is the older one of the two... the one who still wearing those bunny ears days after Easter!


Bunny Fever!


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With Easter just around the corner, it's hard not to get bunny fever I find. Luckily there seems to be a plethora of amazing bunnies out there to suit just about everyone's needs. Here are a few of my favorite that I found around the web... and it's true, bunnies must multiply because it was so hard to narrow it down to just ten! From bunny decor to bunny toys, accessories and more... these cuddly little guys can be found everywhere!


Little Duckling, S/S 2013


Little Duckling is one of my favorite new brands... and with good reason too! How cute and completely original is their S/S 2013 collection? This collection is the perfect thing to kick start Spring... from the quirky fish print and graphics to their soft color story with a few pops of red and turquoise, the vibe carries me away to lake house holiday. I especially love how each of the styles have a slight tinge of retro in their shapes and silhouettes, but are still fresh and modern enough for any hip little one to enjoy. These are just a few of my favorite pieces, but by golly they were hard to chose as this collection has a lot to offer!

 all images provided by Little Duckling


DIY: Confetti Eggs


Hi guys! I'm back from a little blogging break and ready to fill your screens with inspiration once more. I also have some exciting news to share... I'm so happy to announce that I am now a contributor on the Bubble And Speak blog... yay! My first post went live last Friday so make sure you check it out: DIY: Confetti Eggs. I talk about creating the perfect solution to dye even the darkest of brown eggs... tried and tested! And to make Easter a little more special, I show you how to turn your regular old eggs into amazing confetti filled eggs... that we will later be smashing on each others heads come Easter Sunday... pictures will be posted, I promise!


Wonderkids, Spring 2011


see my online portfolio here

Gearing up for another move and job search, I've started the process of updating my portfolio yet again. As my experiences have broadened while working in London, I find myself going back and re-working old projects to reflect my new style. Editorial layouts and working with white space are just a few of the things that have tickled my interests. I chose to breath a bit of life back into this old photo shoot I styled, directed, and treated, that showcased my designs while at Kmart.


Valentine Picnic In A Fort


 peanut butter & jelly!
 yogurt + strawberries + sprinkles
 hear shaped watermelon
 pink lemonade with fun straws!
 dolly, owl, & bear were invited
munching on a pb & j
 enjoying our Valentines picnic!

This year for Valentine's Day I decided to do something really special since we are staying with the British munchkins. Knowing that forts, tents, and tippies are all the rage right now with toddlers, hubs and I decided to get a little creative and build our own in the living room out of the couches, some blankets, fairy lights, and of course, heart bunting. All of their favorite friends were invited... mr. owl, bear, dolly. To keep in theme, I chose mainly red, pink, and white colored foods... that with a little help of a heart shaped cookie cutter, easily transformed everything into the perfect Valentine treats. I had been telling the girls about the grand Valentines picnic that awaited them and so they were mighty anxious after counting sleeps till the day. Their little faces were priceless as they took everything in... before they dug in! L definitely enjoyed the various kinds of sweets while R had fun licking sugar off cookies and sipping on her heart straw. They had loads of fun and I am happy to say, Valentines Day picnic in a fort was a huge success!


DIY: Heart Bunting


I bought this packet of heart shaped confetti on impulse... they were red, hearts, and too cute to pass up! I knew the most obvious way to use them would be to just sprinkle them on a table, but I wanted to find some other uses for them. Since I also happen to have a lifetime supply of twine (I LOVE twine!) I decided to combine the two... the result: possibly the easiest bunting ever! I love how simple and delicate the finished bunting looks. And due its easy nature, even the little ones can help. This little project is sure to get everyone in the Valentine spirit and can be used to decorate in so many ways. You can simply tape onto the walls like I did above the kitchen table... or intertwine with fairy lights to add an element of awe to a Valentine fort... yep, I made a fort guys...

Heart Bunting, make as long as you want!

  • paper heart confetti
  • twine
  • glue
  • Place a small drop of glue in the center of the paper heart. Make sure you get a glue that dries clear.
  • Center the twine in the middle of the heart and glue spot, lightly pressing down to make sure it sticks well.
  • Repeat as spaced out as desired. I eyeballed mine about 3" apart but feel free to play around with spacing. You can even measure it out or create a pattern... it's that easy!


Love Hearts


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Valentines is just around the corner and I couldn't be more excited! I know I get pretty enthusiastic about most holidays (must be the American in me!) but this one holds a special place in my heart... accidental pun I promise! I love the idea of a holiday that encourages us to express our love for one another... and not just the romantic kind. Getting little ones involved is a beautiful thing and fashion is a great way to do it. But like most holidays, it's a fine line between cool and uncool. There is stylish way to do it and here are a few little gems from around the web that would do trick. Just goes to show you it's not just a holiday for girls and you don't have to be dripping in pink to celebrate. Oh and hearts are mega cool!


Coffee Links 2.10.13


  image from here

These little bunnies from The Fox in the Attic have me swooning! They are just the sweetest and with those red embroidered hearts, the perfect Valentine for a little one. I really like how they are made by hand, making no two alike and all the more special. And those sweet little smiles will surely keep everyone happy!

01. Heart blocks are such a sweet and easy valentine idea your little one will adore!

02. Love the healthy spin on these naturally sweet valentines...

03. These cereal valentines are cute and original for little one's to hand out at school...

04. Sparkly or striped pencils and a free printable pdf make up this adorable valentine...

05. This fringed heart is the perfect valentine decor I think!

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Happy 1 Year!


image from here

Happy 1 year little blog of mine! I can't believe it's been a full year already... time surely does fly hu? I was updating my resume last night... getting it all ready for the move and adding Chi.qui.ti.tos on there when I realized that today was the blog's birthday... I nearly missed it! It has been an incredible year and I have learned so much more about both the children's fashion industry and blogging. I started this space out of frustration with the job market when I first moved to London. As a kidswear designer and creative at heart, I needed a way to feel connected to the industry again. And so Chi.qui.ti.tos was born, a labor of love and a home for all of my findings within kid's fashion... a place where I could be fully immersed and share my inspiration. But just like the rabbit hole, when I fell, I fell deep... and so it evolved into anything and everything having to do with the kid's world really. I have had the great pleasure of discovering (for me) new brands and thinking outside the mass produced market that I had originally come from. I found it really refreshing to see the various styles of design and how much kid's fashion has truly evolved... it can be cool if you search! Seeing how great design can trickle all the way through to decor, furnishings, and even toys has been a real eye opener. I am so thankful for all the lovely opportunities made possible by this blog... from meeting and working with some lovely designers, to covering events and exploring the journalism side of things. It's been a fun ride and I am excited to see where the blog takes me once we are back over seas! One thing is certain though, I will be returning bursting with ideas and full of new influences... a better designer all around I think. Thank you all for following along on this journey and encouraging me through sweet emails and comments... it has really meant a lot. Here's to another great year... filled with more adventures... and loads more discovering!


Working With: Mini Moroc


One of my favorite things that this little blog of mine has helped create is the opportunity to work and collaborate with some brilliant designers, brands, and events within the kid's fashion world. I had the chance to do some consulting and drawing work for the lovely Nadia of Mini Moroc, which I met last year at Bubble London, and what a great team we make! She approached me with the need of illustrator drawn versions of her designs and ideas for creating a line sheet... a one stop spot with all the info needed for buyers for that season's collection. The line sheet includes each of the styles available along with the fabric colors and trims they can be purchased in. Details such as different prices, materials, sizing, and of course terms and conditions were also very important to Nadia so I made sure they all fit on their while still keeping the line sheet easy to read. We decided to use that fun Moroccan print that already existed on her website to carry through the branding and make everything feel unified. Overall it was a fun project and I am very pleased with the outcome... and what's even better, so was Nadia! If you haven't already checked out the line, you need to do so... right now!

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