DIY: Painted Pumpkins


As some of you may know, living in London for the past two years had it's fair share of hurdles when it came time to celebrate traditional American holidays. Among such was finding pumpkins (in the city) large enough to carve... another something that I don't think I cared too much about previously, but then living across the pond had me so homesick I was in desperate need to carve a few. It turned out to be more hassle than it was worth and I admit, I had some pieces of my pumpkin held together with pins from cutting slightly too deep... oops! So here is my alternative that I am sharing over on the Bubble and Speak blog, DIY: Painted Pumpkins. Go on over and have a peak. Don't matter if you are State side or not as this is certainly a fun Halloween project your littles will enjoy. It's probably a safer option for wee little ones too!


Modern Day Dressup


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If I'm being honest, Halloween has been one of the main motivators behind me wanting to start back up on here. Searching online for costume ideas, I came across these fantastic images by Kelly Lewis from Kelly Is Nice Photography and man was I jolted with a much need serge of inspiration! How captivating is this little miss in each of her roles?! I also love the idea of modernizing costumes by styling them out of every day wear, that way everything can be used again. I think it also gives these iconic looks a fresh new makeover, don't you? Be sure to check out the rest of Kelly's work as I'm sure it will leave you as breathless as it did me and hopefully inspire a thing or two in you.


Greetings From LA!


Hi everyone! Sorry it's been a good old while since I've last posted... life and changes have happened and settling into L.A. has taken a lot longer than I had anticipated. But I have missed this space dearly... and I've been missing the kid's world like you wouldn't believe. And so I'm back (hopefully more regularly) and excited to once again dive head first into the world that so unexpectedly caught my heart. If you're curious as to what I've been up to in general, you can read about it on my personal blog, Made With Love... feel free to be nosey and have a snoop. Life has been hectic, unpredictable, and surprisingly challenging... but overall life has been good.

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